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Managing Menopause Intelligently

Mapping the journey

Intelligent Hormones is a new company, set up to make women's menopause experience better. We have a grant funding from Innovate UK to develop a novel smart-app symptom tracker alongside blood test monitoring so that we can better predict and support women journeying towards menopause.

By recording and matching symptoms to blood results over six months, we will gather crucial information to best manage your fluctuating hormones. You can be armed with real-time data for your clinician to make the right decision in treating your menopausal symptoms safely.

Be part of the change

If you are female and between 40-50 years old, we would love you to be part of this unique project.

Do you recognise any of these symptoms?

  • you may have sudden hot flushes, day or night?
  • you may be tired or low in energy?
  • you may be experiencing low moods?
  • you may have noticed (or others have told you) you are more irritable?
  • you may be having irregular periods?
  • you may be suffering from a lack of sex drive?
  • you may be getting forgetful?
  • you may be bloating often or gaining weight?
  • you may be noticing over-growth or thinning hair?
  • You may be experiencing skin issues, e.g. dry/spotty/dark patches?

If you are experiencing more than five of the above descriptions, we would really like to hear from you.

Your reward for taking part

We really do appreciate that it will take some commitment to track your hormones and symptoms for 24 weeks.

So in return, you will receive:

  • Free smart-phone app to track symptoms
  • Free at-your-fingertips symptom support from healthcare practitioners and clinical experts
  • Access to all your patient data to share anytime with doctors of your choosing
  • The opportunity to improve other women's menopause health experience in the future
  • Free entry in a draw to win £250 worth of health and nutrition coaching (on project completion)

Apply to know more

Find out more about our project: We will contact you back ASAP for a more detailed chat.
Find out more about you: Your chance to monitor how natural hormonal decline is affecting you.

Fill in our application form HERE.

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